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For the fast & efficient repair of small to medium bore pipes across New Zealand, without the need for costly and disruptive excavation.

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Pipe Care

Specialists in small to medium bore pipe rehabilitation

Company Profile

Pipe Care Ltd was formed in January 2021.  Our key focus is small to medium bore pipe rehabilitation (wastewater and stormwater pipes).  This includes services like CIPP Lining, Installing CIPP Patches, Installing LJRs (Lateral Junction Repairs), Installing Tophats and the rehabilitation of manholes. 

We are using trenchless techniques that eliminates the need for excavation and we undertake work throughout New Zealand.  The company was set up as a mobile company from the start, therefore we do not have a fixed-location work premise.  Instead, we have customized plant and equipment specifically fitted into trucks and containers to allow us the flexibility to travel wherever.

Our philosophy is to maintain a sustainable business into the future by providing quality products that meet clients changing needs.  Our emphasize is on the best economical and valued solution which is delivered with superior quality workmanship.  We constantly aim to improve and lower our carbon footprint.

Our staff is trained to undertake the work required.  We believe that our staff is our best asset and strive to ensure that a win-win relationship always exists.  Safety is an inherent component of Pipe Care’s culture and management is fully committed to this.

We are committed to the protection of the environment and encourage all we work with to do the same. 
114m Dn100 Cipp Liner With 7x Remote Cutouts Pipe Care New Zealand

The 114m liner was a single shot liner from start to finish. Starting from an IP at the house to a public manhole.  All the lateral’s connections were remotely cut in the same day.

Knowledge meets Expertise

Relevant Experience

Although Pipe Care is a relatively young, there is a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the combined team. 

We are totally focused on small bore pipeline rehabilitation contracting. We have the qualifications, experience, and the best resources.  All of our equipment is new and is purposefully built to achieve the best results.

  1. 114m DN100 CIPP liner with 7x remote cutouts.
  2. 42m DN100 CIPP liner with 4x 90° bends and 2x 45° bends

Staff Training & Development

Pipe Care Ltd is committed to the ongoing training and development of our employees.

Due to the specialised nature of our equipment and processes Pipe Care is committed to an internal skills training matrix designed to ensure that our employees are knowledgeable and competent in the tasks they perform.  Our internal skills training matrix covers areas like confined space entry, CIPP Lining and more to cover the specialised nature of the work.

 The nature of the sewer rehabilitation industry means that much of the training and assessment relevant to job activities must be internally provided by Pipe Care because much of the technology we use is specific to Pipe Care’s unique processes.

Pipe Care has a formal approach to monitoring and managing the skills capacity of the people in the company to ensure high quality output results for all works completed.

The Training program supports Pipe Care’s aims by:

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Fostering a sense of professionalism amongst field staff and aiding staff retention.

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Enlarging the range and extent of skills that exists amongst our employees, so increasing the flexibility and accuracy of staff allocation.

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Waste Reduction

Reducing accidents and waste.

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Ensuring that those trained for the job are the ones doing the job, thereby improving job quality and efficiency, and ultimately, Pipe Care’s effectiveness.

Experience, Dedication and Innovation - New Zealand's most driven pipeline rehabilitation & repairs company.