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CIPP Lateral Lining

Trenchless Structural CIPP Lining

Relining Laterals

DN100 To DN150 Diameter Pipes
Relining of Pipes is a permanent long-term solution for old, deteriorated Sewer and Storm water pipes.

Before you start looking at replacement by the traditional excavation method, you definitely need to consider the new trenchless renewal technology.

Traditional excavation to replace pipes will most likely impact existing structures like concrete footpaths, retaining walls, landscaping, fences etc. This results in a cosly and time consuming project.

Pipe Care Ltd uses CIPP (cured-in-place) Epoxy liners. The liner is ideal for renewing deteriorated, heavily infiltrated, cracked, leaking, or root infested house service pipes without the need for excavation.

In most cases it is roots that cause serious problems in pipelines as they continually grow and expand. Roots restrict the flow until the pipe is completely blocked. It is vital to remove and clean the pipe of any obstructions prior to renewing the pipe by installing a CIPP liner. Pipe Care has root removal equipment that has been developed for this specific purpose over years.

Trenchless Pipe Renewal Technology
The full length of the of a lateral or 100mm diameter pipeline can be lined as a single continuous liner.

We only need an access point into the pipe on one end of the pipe. The Higley elastic mixture of a polyurethane and PVC coated skin with a polyester felt make it ideal to navigate around multiple bends even as sharp as 90 degrees. The liner offers a smooth finish with minimum wrinkling around bends.

Because of the quality epoxy resin, we use the liner adhesion the host pipe is of outstanding strength characteristics compared to other resin types. A further benefit to epoxy resins is that there are no harmful styrenes released during the curing process.

The liner is impregnated under vacuum and with an impregnation roller station that ensures an even and consistent delivery of the resin throughout the liner length

The liner is installed with an inversion drum and cured using steam.

All our equipment is compact, easy to manoeuvre and reach into hard-to-get places. A small foot-print on site promotes a safer work area, with less disruption to the public or property owner.

We have recently developed several improvements in our work practices that have resulted in benefits in the quality and efficiency of the lining process. The liner is now installed with a removable end cap, which is withdrawn through the liner following final curing. This negates the necessity to use a calibration hose and drastically reduces the installation time.

Trenchless Pipe Liner Installed With Inversion Drum
Pipe Care Trenchless Structural Cipp Lining
We use a wide range of pipe liners to ensure the right liner is used for the correct application.

Not only is it possible to navigate around several 90-degree bends, but it also can be installed over long lengths. 

The latest liner material sourced by Pipe Care can now stretch to accommodate changing house connection branch diameters. A continuous liner can be installed even if the house connection branch changes from 100mm to 150mm along its length.

Relining Lateral Pipe Methods

Pipe Care Lateral Lining Ipek Agilios Pushrod Cctv Camera System 60m Rod Frame

CCTV Method

The CCTV camera used is an Ipek AGILIOS Pushrod CCTV Camera System with a 60m rod/frame.

The latest AGILIOS generation has been developed with the goal to perform “Inspections in all situations”. The ultra-light coiler & variable control and placement possibilities offer ergonomic work conditions on all job sites. In built batteries allow inspections without the need of mains cable and give the flexibility to work anywhere.

CCTV inspections are recorded direct to the camera memory and transferred to a memory stick. The footage is stored in MPEG4 format and is supplied to the Principal on a memory stick or via link in the cloud.

Ppe Care Purpose Built Jetter For Pipe Cleaning 2

Cleaning Method

Pipe Care has a purpose-built jetter available for cleaning.

This high-pressure water cleaner is specifically designed to solve most problems relating to pipe cleaning – root cutting, unblocking, and removing incrustation deposits. 

The unit comes with a 13 HP Honda X390 Engine and a 3650-psi pressure pump at a flow rate of 15 l/min.  The low flow rate minimises the amount of water used during the cleaning process.

Typical Lining Methodology:

  • Establish site and complete Pre-Start documentation.
  • Initial CCTV of the sewer pipe to confirm pipe condition and identify any abnormalities, etc
  • Clean the pipe with a high pressure waterblaster to ensure a good bond between the CIPP liner and the host pipe
  • Complete a Pre-CCTV inspection of the sewer pipe. Confirm that the pipe is clean and ready for lining.
  • The liner is prepared and impregnated with epoxy resin outside in our special equipped truck.
  • The liner is wound into an inversion drum and wheeled to the upstream node or manhole.
  • The liner is inverted into the sewer pipe with the use of low pressure compressed air.
  • Once the liner is installed, the liner ends (both upstream and downstream) will be prepared for the curing process (via confined space entry)
  • The liner is cured using steam. 
  • The cured liner is cooled down using water
  • The liner ends are cut, and the end-seal/s rendered
  • Record the Final CCTV of the installed liner
  • De-establish site.

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