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For the fast & efficient repair of small to medium bore pipes across New Zealand, without the need for costly and disruptive excavation.

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Trenchless Pipe repair
Pipe Care Equipment Ipek Agilios Pushrod Cctv Camera System
CCTV Investigation Camera

We use an Ipek AGILIOS Pushrod CCTV Camera System with a 60m rod/frame. The latest AGILIOS generation has been developed with the goal to perform “Inspections in all situations”. The ultra-light coiler & variable control and placement possibilities offer ergonomic work conditions on all job sites. In built batteries allow inspections without the need of mains cable and give the flexibility to work anywhere.

CCTV inspections are recorded direct to the camera memory and transferred to a memory stick. The footage is stored as an MPEG4 and is supplied to the Principal on a memory stick or via link in the cloud.

Ppe Care Purpose Built Jetter For Pipe Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Equipment

Pipe Care has a purpose-modified jetter available for cleaning.

This high-pressure water cleaner is specifically designed to solve most problems relating to pipe cleaning, root cutting, unblocking, and removing incrustation deposits.

The unit comes with a 13 HP Honda X390 Engine and a 3650-psi pressure pump at a flow rate of 15 l/min. The low flow rate minimises the amount of water used during the cleaning process.

Pipe Care Equipement Navitrack Scout Locator
Service Locating

The NaviTrack Scout® Locator is designed to solve the most demanding remote transmitter (sonde) locates using multi-directional locating technology.

The multi-directional antenna technology sees the entire signal all of the time. Simply maximize the signal strength to found the target.

Underground pipe locator verifies position using a micro-mapping display, ensuring an accurate locate and automatically calculates the depth when oriented over the target.

Ridgid K 1500 Sectional Sewer And Drain Cleaning Machine
Drain Cleaning Machine

The Ridgid K-1500 Sectional Machine is the finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. It can be used indoors or outdoors to easily clean the heaviest blockages. Pipe Care has developed customised cutter heads to reinstate lateral connections once the pipeline has been CIPP lined.

Pipe Care Pipe Cleaning Tools Chain Knocker
Drain Chain Knocker

The chain knocker tool has three chains with solid carbide inserts brazed on the chainlinks.

It is used to clean more stubborn items from the pipe that is not removed by normal waterblasting.

It is especially helpful to clean incrustation deposits in pipes and to remove the tuberculation (hard flaky residue) build up in cast iron pipes. The chain knocker removes these build up very effectively.

Trenchless Pipe Liner Installed With Inversion Drum
Picote Inversion Drum

The Picote Inversion Drum is an easy and practical solution for installing CIPP liners. 

It is packed with functionality and a host of accessories.  The central axle and drum wheel gives the operator full control of the inversion speed while the sight window allows for easy monitoring of what’s happening inside the drum. 

The Picote Inversion Drum comes to its full potential in areas where access is restricted, and the worksite is a tight and tricky situation.  It is light weight and easy to move or carry into position (indoors or outdoors

Hächler Climbolino E Electric Milling Robot Pipe Care Nz
Hächler Climbolino®E electric milling robot

This is the first battery-operated service connection robot of its kind in the world.

The milling robot was specifically developed for present-day conditions in sewer rehabilitation. It has a powerful electric milling spindle and a head with exceptional bending capabilities which allow multi-dimensional manoeuvrability for perfect cut-outs.

This German-designed milling robot replaces the common need for large compressors on site – significantly reducing the operating carbon footprint.

Pipe Care is the first company in NZ that purchased a Hächler Climbolino® E electric milling robot. This demonstrates our commitment to innovation and forward thinking as well as reacting to the market’s demands.
Pipe Care Airman Pds185s 6c2 T
Airman Compressor

The Airman PDS185S-6C2-T is a dependable workhorse with a lower carbon footprint & very cost-efficient fuel use.

The features of this compressor include:

  • A large 90 litres fuel tank, a high efficiency fuel cost saving Yanmar engine
  • A run time between fills of up to twice as long as other makes
  • An easy to use instrument panel
  • A whisper-quiet 69dbA sound level
  • A generous storage space for tools and air hoses. 

The Airman has a wide 1.7m body for better towing and reversing visibility.

Pipe Care has compared the rest and found Airman to be the best 185cfm towable compressor on the market.

Mobile Pipe Rpair And Pine Renewal Experts Pipe Care
Mobile Pipe Renewal

The Pipe Care truck was purposefully fitted with lining equipment to optimize efficiency on-site in all weather conditions. It also allows us to be fully-mobile and to safely transport our equipment to and from site.

The fitted tailift reduces manual handling to a minimum, and greatly improves ease of site setup.

The Foton Aumark is a light-duty truck that comes with a Cummins-engine.

The truck provides Cummins’ power, serviceability, reliability and durability with a full air brake system (including an air parking brake) and a 24 Volt electrical system.

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