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For the fast & efficient repair of small to medium bore pipes across New Zealand, without the need for costly and disruptive excavation.

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CIPP Patch Lining

Trenchless Structural Patch Repair

CIPP Patching

DN150 TO DN600 Diameter Pipes
Structural CIPP patches to repair cracked or damaged pipes.

Pipe Care provide a service of installing CIPP Patches in newly laid pipes – mostly where the ground surface has already been constructed and digging it up will be a major project.  This saves both time and money, as  rather than digging it up all up again – with the additional cost of reinstatement – we perform trenchless pipe repairs.

Pipe Care Ltd focus and specialize in the rehabilitation of wastewater and stormwater pipes.  We have customized plant and equipment specifically fitted into trucks that allows us to be flexible.

Trenchless Pipe Patch Repair Ipek Cctv Camera System
Our CCTV camera system has been developed with the goal to perform inspections in all situations.

We use an Ipek CCTV Camera System. The latest generation has been developed with the goal to perform “Inspections in all situations”. The ultra-light coiler, variable control and placement possibilities offer ergonomic work conditions on all job sites.

CCTV inspections are recorded direct to the camera memory and transferred to a memory stick. The footage is saved in MPEG4 format and supplied to the Principal on a memory stick or via link in the cloud.\

A high-pressure water cleaner will clean and remove any debris prior to installing the patches.

CIPP Patching - DN150-DN600 Pipes
Patching is a very effective “no-dig” solution for repairing and sealing damaged sections of pipe.

Damaged areas like cracks, leaks, holes, and local defects in the pipeline can be sealed by installing a patch.

The patch consists of glass fibre reinforced matting impregnated with fast curing resin. The glass fibres give the patch high strength and stiffness. The CIPP Patch comprises of a standard 1.2m length of tube build-up with layers of woven glass fibres matting. It is installed using a Pneumatic packer.

The patch is used to repair directly at the location of the defect. It is suitable for use with concrete, vitrified clay, asbestos and UPVC pipelines.

Pipe Care Trenchless Patch Lining
Pipe Care Cipp Patch Lining
Structural Solution
While the patch bonds to the host pipe, it is more than a seal. The patch has been designed to be a structural component as well as a seal.

The glass fibres give the patch high strength and stiffness. The patch is typically installed with a strength equivalent to that of a stand-alone pipe. The high stiffness means that the strength can be attained from a relatively thin wall.

Its strength means that only a thin-walled patch is needed to meet structural requirements, so there is minimal loss in cross sectional area. The thickness and strength of a patch is achieved by layering the sheets of fibreglass. While the patch can be custom manufactured using layers of fibreglass reinforcement and sufficient silicate resin to meet structural requirements.

The primary reference regarding the design of flexible pipe systems in New Zealand is the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ2566 “Buried flexible pipelines – Structural Design and Installation”. Fibre Glass and Silicate Resin Patches are an approved product for both Auckland Council and Watercare.

The patch bond to the host pipe. “The I.S.T. Spot Repair System is composed of I.S.T. Easy PUR Resin and ECR/Advantex® Glass. It is Independently tested (IKT Gelsenkirchen, Siebert Oststeinbek/HH) in conformance to worldwide standards such as ISO and DIN EN for a tested minimum service life of 50+ years (10,000 hrs) and Approved by the German government body, DIBt.”

This is from the ISO specified testing tables for 10,000h to achieve the 50-year design life depending on the product(s).

A Proven Solution.

Epoxy, polyester, and Silicate resins (CIPP) have now been used in the wastewater industry for approximately 15+ years.

The materials have been tested using ISO-governed test parameters, and the design live is extrapolated to at least 50 years with the material reduction factors.

It is safe to conclude that the CIPP patches will last at least the 50x years in wastewater but possibly beyond 100 years in stormwater.

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