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Lateral Junction Repair

The Latseal LJR (Lateral Junction Repair) is an internally applied, resin cured fitting that provides a secure long-term seal by bonding with the lined pipeline and the house lateral.

The Latseal consists of a glass fibre composite sock that is saturated with silicate resin. The sock typically extends (covers) up to and beyond the first joint of the house lateral.  Installation is a non-disruptive process. The Latseal is installed by accessing the nearest manhole.

Next Generation In Sealing Technology Pipe Care
Pipe Care can seal the lateral junctions utilising the next generation in sealing technology.

The Latseal System has been specially designed to be a simple, fast, and effective Lateral Sealing System. Latseal brings together an Innovative packer, pre-packed Supercil™ resin and a strong, stretchable, glass fibre Liner. A Latseal installation can take place in under 50 minutes. 

The innovative packers have been designed for smooth entry into the lateral with a minimum of pushing/pulling force.

The controlled bending mechanism inside the lateral arm allows for reliable insertion and withdrawal from the lateral.  Latseal packers use an innovative rubber design that allows controlled and staged inflation as well as providing firm pressure on the liner that promotes excellent adhesion.  Packer has flow through tubes. No by-pass necessary.

Latseal Installation Pipe Care
Pipe Care Latseal Liners Are Made From A Woven Glass Fibre Material
Latseal liners are made from a woven glass fibre material.

This innovative material provides the dual feature of being both very strong (E Modulus > 3,000MPa) and highly stretchable (>50% diameter change). This means that Latseal seals are both strongly adhered as well as being structurally sound in their own right.  Furthermore, the high elongation means that when pressed into place by the Latseal packer, maximum surface area contact is achieved between the liner and host pipe. This is essential to enable the liner to have a high adhesive strength to the host pipe.

Supercil resin is the latest in Silicate resin technology

Supercil™ resin is a very stable and fast curing resin.  The resin is insensitive to Ambient Temperature meaning one resin can be used for all seasons.  The resin is Thixotropic for easy and straightforward impregnation.  Supercil resin has the unique property in that it is 100% immiscible with water. This means that it does not mix with or get diluted by water.

Supercil Resin
Supercil Resin Ljr Pipe Care Auckland Lateral Junction Repair

Supercil resin has superior chemical resistance against most chemicals including harsh industrial solvents. Supercil has been exposed to an extensive list of chemicals. The test reports can be provided from the product’s Technical Guide Appendix B.1

Lateral Junction Renewal Next Generation In Sealing Technology Pipe Care Nz


Shrinkage – 0%
Flexural Modulus (short-term) – 10,300 MPa
Flexural Modulus (Long term, 50 year) – 7,900 MPa (Assumed creep ratio of 1.3)
Flexural Strength (Ult
mate) – 110.9 MPa
Flex Strain at First Break – 0.9%
Max Flexural Strain (short-term) – 6.1%
Ultimate Elongation – 2.2 mm
Tensile Strength – 57.3 MPa


  • The lined sewer pipe is jet cleaned. This is just a quick flush to ensure the liner surface is clean.
  • Using a CCTV camera via the manhole, all the laterals in the liner is located, their configuration is evaluated, and all of this information is logged.
  • The Latseal packer is prepared for the installation process.
  • A CCTV camera is attached the one end of the packer to have a good viewpoint on the packer arm.
  • The Latseal “Sock” is mounted on the packer.
  • The “Sock” is impregnated with the two-part silicate resin mix.
  • The packer with the “Sock” mounted on the packer is then pushed down the sewer using steel sewer rods.
  • Using the CCTV camera attached to the packer, the lateral arm is pushed into the lateral and placed in position.
  • The packer is then inflated to the required pressure using the control unit.
  • At the end of the 50min period the packer is deflated, and the packer retrieved back to the manhole for the next installation.
  • Successful installation is confirmed by CCTV inspection and recording of the installed Latseals.

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