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Spiraline X

DN150 to DN1200 Diameter Pipes

Pipe Care is the New Zealand agent for the supply and installation of Spiraline X.

DN150 to DN1200 Diameter Pipes
Developed in Australia by Ibtech, Spiraline X is the latest and most advanced spiral lining technology in the trenchless pipeline renewal/rehabilitation industry – replacing the use of Expanda and Spiral Wound Pipe (SWP) liners.

The advancements across a number of elements (e.g. liner composition, drive tray power, winding cage size, fewer manual adjustments etc) has led to better productivity with improved quality control, allows longer lengths to be installed, can carry out the installation from within a manhole, and able to maintain a circular internal bore to name a few.

Spiraline X is an expandable spiral wound uPVC liner designed for lining DN150 to DN1200 gravity sewer and stormwater pipes. This lining process is ideal for renewing deteriorated pipes with faults like cracks, root intrusion, leaks (infiltration/exfiltration) and joint displacements. The liner can be installed in most flow conditions with no flow management required. Spiraline X has been proven capable for lining in environments with heavy infiltration.

Designed to be installed from manhole to manhole to ensure the longevity of the full pipe length. The installation process involves spirally engaging the male and female locks of a profiled wall uPVC strip to form the liner within the host pipe. The liner is installed smaller than the host pipe and then expanded so that it is in contact with the host pipe. The result is a fully structural, sealed, and hydraulic efficient renewal of the host pipe without excavation.

The only access point required for installation is a standard diameter manhole cover. For lining the larger diameter host pipes (say DN525 and larger) it might be necessary to remove the concrete manhole lid for access. The ductile but rigid, and corrosion resistant uPVC liner with silicone sealant can accommodate pipelines with curves less than 10 degrees or radius of curvatures greater than 50 metres.

Aiding the physical installation is the control system located in the front cab. This allows for managing/adjusting the settings, as well as monitoring and recording the full installation in real-time.

The Ibtech Spiraline X
Advanced Technology

The Ibtech Spiraline X is by far the most advanced technology in the marketplace today for spiral wound liners. Drawing on 24 years technical knowledge of the spiral wound lining system and combined with 18 years practical on-site installation experience, Ibtech bring a highly refined and improved technology allowing more projects to be carried out, installation of longer lengths, and fewer reliability/mechanical issues.


Generally able to line minor curves of less than 10 degrees or where the radius of curvature is greater than 50 metres.

Spiraline X Pipe Lining Benefits Pipe Carz
Spiraline X Pipe Lining Pipe Care
Quality Control

At the forefront of the advanced technology has been quality control for both the install process and the liner manufacture.

For the installation process, Ibtech has introduced a number of improvements/refinements such as fewer manual adjustments – a common source for errors – and replacing with automation along with remote real-time viewing and communication, support, training, and trouble-shooting.

Spiraline X liners are manufactured by ISO accredited Spiraline Products located in Adelaide, Australia. Spiraline meets the requirements of ASTM F1697 and ASTM F1741 and is more advances to existing expanding spiral liners.

Custom-built Installation Equipment

All our equipment is compact and mobile, and able to access most locations. The drive tray and winding cage are located within the manhole reducing the on-site ‘footprint’ and promoting a safer work area, with less disruption to the general public and road users

Spiraline X Pipe Lining Pipecare
Spiraline X Pipe Lining Nz
Smooth Internal Bore

No risk of fins or wrinkles in the line due to the Spiraline X uPVC liner and install process. Fins and wrinkles do occur more with the CIPP processes, especially if the host pipe diameter is slightly smaller than the indicated diameter or where the pipe is slightly deformed.

Service Life

Spiraline X liners are composed of similar grades of PVC as used in sewer and stormwater pipes. PVC pipes have been used in New Zealand and Australia since the 1960s with tens of thousands of kilometres still in service and continue to be reliably installed. Their durability mainly for sewage conveyance has been well proven. Being a very similar material, the Spiraline X liners have been laboratory-tested and assessed to match the performance of a PVC pipe used in the same environment, that is, a service life of at least 100 years.

Lining Of Road Culvert With Spiraline X
Lining Of Road Culvert With Spiraline X Pipe Care Nz
No Bypass Pumping

Spiraline X can be installed in most live flow conditions, removing the need (and additional costs) for a bypass system and the potential risk of overflows. With higher flows, it is possible to use our ‘Supervised-Plug-and-Release’ procedure.

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